Frequently Asked Questions

“I’ve never done a boudoir session before. What should I expect?”

This is the number one question I get asked frequently. Expect to be surprised that this is easier than you
think. This puts you in a vulnerable position and the fear of the unknown can be scary. Posing like this is awkward for most. This is why I always will show you the posing myself first, so you can copy my movements. I will direct you with every step of the way from pointing your toes to little tricks to help you relax your facial expressions.

“What do I need to do to prepare before the session?”

The only thing I ask, is for you to drink lots of water and stretch yourself daily for the upcoming weeks of your session. There will be a lot of bending of the back and poses that give you quite the work out.  I will send you a questionnaire before the session to better prepare us for what parts you want to accentuate and what parts you want a bit more hidden. It’s also all about the lingerie. Certain types show off a bit more, while others cover more. It’s all up to you and your comfort level.  I will also send you my Boudoir Prep Guide once booked which will help you with everything. 

“How long does it take for ordered products to arrive?”

If you are looking to give these photos as a gift to someone and need them in a certain time frame, I highly suggest booking no later than 2 months in advance to the date needed.  Your products can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. 

“Will I see my images directly after the session?”

I will be showing you the back of my camera throughout the session to show you how amazing you look and it’ll boost some confidence.

Viewing Appointment within TWO weeks: Everything will be finalized at the time of the viewing appointment and that’s when you’ll pick your favorites.

I will then contact you and meet with you when your products arrive. This is everyone’s favorite part to see the final product in person.

“Do my photos need to go online?”

Nope! Not if you don’t want them to. I will ask you during your image reveal if you’d like me to share all photos, or only share ones that keep you remaining anonymous. 

I respect your wishes and I know that these are personal and intimate portraits that are special between you (or your partner)

“Do you do couples sessions, or take male clients?”

Yes! I am now photographing couples. It’s the ultimate date experience. 

As for photographing males individually, I am not photographing males in studio. 

I apologize for any inconvenience at this time.

“What is the pricing for the different packages/collections?”

I am completely up front and transparent with pricing and will say that most people spend an average of $1550-$2900 on a session depending on which products they like.

I do have a pricing guide that lays out all of the different options but I like to have a small chat on the phone first to make it a bit easier to understand everything when I email you the pricing guides. This way there are no miscommunications.

“What if I don’t have the money at the moment?”

That’s ok! Most are in the same boat. I offer pre-payment plans up to 6 months before your session and can send invoices for a set amount each week or month depending on what works best for you. This way, it’s easier to save up for it and don’t have to come up with it all at once.

Payment needs to be paid in full before any images go for printing.

“How do I book a Session with you?”

You can contact me here from my website and it will automatically go to my email where I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

“How old do you need to be to have a Boudoir session?”

You need to be at least 18 years or older to have a Boudoir session with me. 

Professional studio located in Knoxville, TN

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Lingerie Styles That Are Best For Boudoir

So you’ve booked your session and want to bring a few pieces of your own with you. Where do you start? What type of lingerie would suit you best? I’m here to help!

Different Lingerie Styles

One Piece


Two Piece



Baby Doll

Implied Nudity


I bet you think they aren’t wearing anything underneath that sheet….

SHHHH. They actually are but don’t give away that little secret to your significant other.

I try to make your session as comfortable as possible. This is why I recommend bringing a nude thong to your session so we can discreetly hide some parts.  You will never have to fully expose yourself during a session and that’s what most women are afraid of.

This is the reason why I like to explain this, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

I’ve got you covered!  Or I guess I should say uncovered…..LOL

Do I have to be nude?

Absolutely not!  You should never be forced into thinking that you need to be nude to have a Boudoir session.

Do you have the option? Yes. Your front lower half will be covered at all times.  There are still rules/guidelines with Boudoir Photography.

Boudoir sessions are based around your comfort level.  You will be sent a questionnaire beforehand asking how you’d like your session to go. If you want to be more modest, let’s go for it. Looking to be more daring? It’s up to you!

Honestly, 90% of the time women will say they want to start out modest but by halfway through the session, they are feeling good and want to take it a step further and get a little more daring.

Boudoir is for stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just by wearing a Tshirt or a cute one piece in front of the camera.

It’s your call 🙂

Who will see my images?

Great question!  The answer is only you and me if you want to keep it that way. If this is for a significant other, they of course will lay eyes on your images as well (after you pick their jaw up off the floor) LOL. 

You will have the option to allow me to share all of your images publicly, not share any, or only share images that keep you remaining anonymous. 

This is why most boudoir photographers don’t offer a digital only option. We want to make sure that your images are kept safe and printed from a safe and reliable company.  The printing company I have chosen for my albums are specialized in Boudoir and have a female only staff. 

It’s important that your images don’t fall into the wrong hands. We don’t need a young teenager taking screenshots of your images while you’re having them printed off at your local Walgreens. 

Trust in the process and trust me as your photographer to give you the best experience possible and give you keepsake albums and prints to last you a lifetime.  When you look back on those photos for years to come, you’ll say “Damn, I’m hot!”.

Couples Sessions


Date night will never be the same!

Looking to ignite that spark and do something daring with your partner? Book a couples boudoir session and see yourselves like never before.

Ask me about the ultimate date night package that includes a night stay in a luxury hotel as well as a gift card so your dinner is taken care of. Drinks on me!

Things are about to get HOT!

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