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Finding the right lingerie for your body type:

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I guess you never really think about different types of lingerie for your body type until it’s time to purchase some. You’ve seen beautiful images of other women from their Boudoir shoot or across the internet but never really thought about the details as to why they look so good. You just think that they have amazing curves so the lingerie made them look even more beautiful.  That may be the case, but I’m here to tell you, different lingerie styles for your body type is very important. Not one woman has the same body type as another and due to our uniqueness, I hate the thought of people thinking they need to get a certain “size”.   It may help to know your cup size when shopping for a bra, but when it comes to full lingerie, you go off of look, not size.  Even if you are shopping around for lingerie for home and not a Boudoir shoot (just yet), it’s important to learn the different types. Plus, some lingerie can be worn as part of an outfit nowadays. Added bonus!

When shopping for lingerie for your body type, first look at yourself. Reaallllly look at yourself.  Note the size of your breasts, your bum, your hips, your arms, your legs, your stomach, etc.  Women are supposed to have curves, so never doubt your body! You are beautiful the way you are!

Next, we are going to consider your comfort level. What do you find most attractive with your body? For most women, they love their breasts and bum.  Now, what are you least fond of? Here, is where most women would say stomach.  I hear you. Most of us have had babies. It changes our bodies for sure and sometimes it’s a hard reality that we will probably never look like we did before.  We tend to look back at ourselves in our early 20’s/teens. Think about it….we were CHILDREN. Now we are older, wiser, and mother’s with the most precious children of our own. Our bodies formed little humans. How amazing is that?!

And guess what?  There are lingerie styles that cover areas you’re not fond of to accentuate your amazing features you want to show off.

So here’s where the fun begins:

When shopping for lingerie for your body type, I will be honest with you that you get what you pay for.  The “cheaper” companies will have a lesser quality material and sizing than a more reputable lingerie brand.   But I understand that when you’re looking for your own lingerie, price has to be considered because let’s face it, you probably won’t be wearing it for long. 😉

I actually have been very surprised with Amazon and their selection of lingerie. I have noticed that many people purchase lingerie from there and bring them to their Boudoir shoots with me.  One thing I also like about them is that if something doesn’t fit or you don’t love it, you can return it.  It’s hard to find lingerie shops or local places that have such a large variety as online stores so it’s nice when there’s a return option when you’re limited on places to try things on.   As for the more reputable brands, we all know Victoria’s Secret.  The products speak for themselves when I have women asking me in my Boudoir group where that piece was from because it looks amazing. It always seems to be a piece from Vicky’s Secret.  I’ll be honest, I have a very small chest and the only bras that I have found that actually make me comfortable and don’t leave “gaping” and makes me look like I actually have something is from Victoria’s Secret.  But yes, they are a pretty penny. And again, you get what you pay for. I have found that my pieces from there that I have for my client closet are much better quality than others.  If you are looking to book a Boudoir session in the near future, Finding the right Boudoir photographer is important.  Most photographers will have a client closet of their own for you to use. Trust plays a huge role in one’s self love journey, but if you’re just shopping around for lingerie to wear at home, this information should help you choose the right lingerie for your body type.

Now, let’s talk about different body shapes and what lingerie is best for your body type:

The “Hourglass” Shape

lingerie for your body type

Hourglass shapes have many key features that can be emphasized such as narrow waist, so you have a bit more flexibility here with your comfort level. You can go with a two piece or a one piece depending on your preference.  Corsets and bustiers are the most flattering pieces of lingerie for this body type because they make breasts more elaborate, show off your waist, and draw attention to your bottom.  For some women with a smaller sized frame, breasts or bottom may be smaller so with that, a good push up bra or undies with a lacey pattern or ruffles, may give the appearance of a more bootylicious bum. Remember, with Boudoir photographs, trust in your photographer to pose you so you look like your have a full booty even if you don’t. Posing and lighting is key. 😉

Here are some examples of lingerie that work well with the Hourglass shape:

boudoir inspiration

lingerie for your body type

The  “Pear” Shape

lingerie for your body type

Pear shaped is the most common shape with women. For most, we carry most of our weight in our hips and bottom, which give the appearance of the pear shaped curves.  When it comes to Boudoir images, these images are so flattering and really capture a woman’s amazing body.   It’s like lingerie was built for this shape and it really draws attention to the most attractive features.  Again, this is all based off your comfort level, but I have found with this body type, lingerie styles are endless. A good push up bra or one built in to a one piece is very beautiful, especially if it has the string of material that rises up from the bust line to give off the more “full” look.  Look at an example below.   I also recommend a cute pair or cheeky peek bottoms or lacey bottoms.   I have found that most women who have curvier bottoms, are a bit shy with showing off their thighs, so a cute one piece with little frilly material on the edges is perfect for that. And also thigh high stockings with garter belts attached help elongate the look of the leg appearing slimmer and taller.

lingerie for your body type

Notice the material on top that gives her that extra WOW factor

lingerie for your body type

This two piece with high rise bottoms looked perfect!

self love

Curves show off that bootylicious bottom!

pamper yourself



The “Apple” Shape

lingerie for your body type

This type of lingerie for your body type would have more emphasis on your bust.  For women with larger breasts, finding the right style that fits comfortably can be quite a task, but I promise you, they are out there. I recommend pieces that have straps where you can tighten them to give them a bit of a lift. Either that or pieces that have just material such as lace instead of the actual cup to fill because often times, having the cup built-in to your piece can make your breast look like it’s being squeezed out of it.  We want to properly secure those girls so you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.  For this body type, I suggest a cute matching bra and panties set.  If you are uncomfortable with a two piece, then I suggest a form fitting piece that shows off your curves. I do not recommend a ‘babydoll” type lingerie. This type is the least flattering with curvy women. It may look nice up top but it has very loose flowing material that falls down over your hips giving the illusion that you are curvier than you really are. You want something that will hug your body, not make it look unflattering and loose.

self love

lingerie for your body type

lingerie for your body type

The use of props such as a tie can really show off those beauties!



The “Rectangular” Shape

lingerie for your body type

Some women don’t have the added curves and that’s ok!  With this Rectangular shape, finding a piece of lingerie for your body type is actually quite easy.  This is a very versatile body type and you can accentuate whichever feature you choose. There are posing techniques to help show off specific areas such as your hips, breasts, or bottom.  You can choose a two piece or one piece.  For most with this type of athletic build, some feel less “girly”, but with the right color lingerie or added lace or frilly-ness to the piece, it can take your look from beautiful to Va-Va-Voom!  Surprise your significant other with a gorgeous lace piece or matching bra and panties set. Here is where a Babydoll lingerie piece can be worn.  Only with this body type, can a piece with long flowing material that doesn’t hug your curves can come in handy.  Not only because it is a different look than you’re used to, but because it is extremely feminine.

In my experience, these are the women that are dancers, athletic in sports, or love working out at the gym.  While those are all amazing things for your body, women who move around a lot tend to build more muscle which has a tendancy to lean them into thinking that they aren’t feminine enough.  These are the women that ask me for advice when it comes to lingerie because they’re not sure what would look best with their body type. And that’s what I’m here for!  I always LOVE when they are here in studio and try on a piece that they thought is wayyyy out of their comfort zone and end up trying it on and falling in love with the way they look.

These are also the body types that love doing my “wet set” part of their Boudoir session. Using minimal lighting to show off the muscles and curves of their body giving that ultimate wet sexy look.  Seeing those water beads on your skin…aghhhhh there’s something so spicy about it. And those are always the number one hit with their image reveal.

lingerie for your body type

boudoir checklist

boudoir photography: tackling your fears and misconceptions



The “Round” Shape

Yes!!!  Finding the right lingerie for your body type when you have the “round” shape is all based around your comfort level.  In my experience as a Boudoir photographer, I have found half of women with this body type are very confident and love their curves, while the other half is a little insecure about themselves and don’t have the confidence they really want to have.  One – it’s society’s fault because YOU are beautiful and people body shame due to their own insecurities, and Two- that’s exactly what a Boudoir session is for. To show you how beautiful you are and to see yourself in a different light from a different perspective.

You have curves some women would die for.   And I really really wish more women with this body type would book a Boudoir session to show them how beautiful they are.  In my years of Boudoir experience, I have found that women who step out of their comfort zone and try something new surprise themselves and grow that inner confidence and self esteem.

As for lingerie,  GIIRRLLL the world is in your hands because you can choose whichever style you like best.   There are so many different types of lingerie for your body type that you can choose a one piece, two piece or even a beautiful sheer robe. Ooh la la!  Just like with all other body types, trust in your photographer to pose you in the most flattering and beautiful ways.


Here are a few ideas:

lingerie for your body type

lingerie for your body type


A few words of advice when it comes to finding lingerie for your body type (any type):

  1. Try the piece on before your photo shoot or before you wear it for your significant other. Make sure it fits and you feel comfortable in it.
  2. When you put it on and look in the mirror and you instantly feel beautiful, it’s a keeper. If you have to convince yourself it’ll work, nope it’s not the one.
  3. Get a piece or two completely out of your normal style. You might surprise yourself.
  4. When ordering lingerie online, do your homework first. Make sure it’s a reputable company and look up the shipping policy. It may be coming from overseas and can take up to a month to arrive.
  5. Try out different accessories such as garter belts, thigh highs, and bralettes.
  6. Don’t doubt yourself. If you see a piece that you love but don’t think it’d look good on you, try it anyways.
  7. You get what you pay for.  The piece at Victoria’s Secret may cost more, but it’ll stay around longer.
  8. Do NOT go off of size.  Someone who normally is a small might fit a large in some pieces.  Or someone who’s a large, might fit a 2XL.  Don’t worry about the size! Every company is different. How it fits your body is all that matters.
  9. When it comes to washing, either hand wash or purchase a lingerie bag for your washing machine. And wash on delicate cycle. Nothing will make you more upset than washing it for the first time and having it get ruined.
  10. Your size does not define you.  Once you embrace your curves and love the skin you’re in, your whole view on the world will change.


Here’s another word of advice from a Boudoir Photographer who wants every woman to feel empowered and love their bodies:
Taking the first step in your self-love journey starts with your mindset.  You are in control of your body.  No one else.  No one else has a say when it comes to your body.  Realize that we are our own worst enemy and criticize ourselves for things we cannot control. Certain body types are genetic.  Certain body types are changed due to stress, hormones, aging, having children, and certain medications/conditions.  No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. And it’s when we learn to embrace those flaws, we see ourselves differently.

Starting your self love journey is a HUGE thing. It takes commitment and it’ll be a mix of emotions. But I want to give you some homework that’ll help you learn to love the skin you’re in.  If you tackle this step first, finding the right lingerie for your body type will be a breeze and be that more exciting.

Look at yourself in the mirror every day. Naked.  Yep, you heard me right.

On Day 1- , stare at yourself for one minute. I told you it’ll be emotional so prepare yourself. You’ll probably notice your flaws and things you’re not fond of yourself for.  That’s ok.
Day 2- Stare at yourself for 2 minutes.  You’ll see those same flaws but you may start to notice some good qualities as well.
Day 3- Stare at yourself for 3 minutes. By now, you will start to see those flaws dissipate and start to see some beauty in yourself.
Day 4- Are you seeing yourself in a different light?  If confident enough, invite your partner in to tell you their favorite parts about your body. Let them hug every curve. Feel their touch.  Invite them in on your self love journey.  You’ll start to see things from their perspective. From a different set of eyes.

By day 5- a total of 5 minutes in front of the mirror, you should see your strengths. Love what you’ve created. And from that point on, your mindset should shift.  It’s a process for sure, but little baby steps like these could really make a huge impact in your life.  There are multiple reasons why you should compliment yourself on a daily basis, but learning to do so takes time.

So, when finding the right lingerie for your body type, it all starts with your comfort zone.  No one except for yourself should ever push you out of your comfort zone.  You wear what feels most comfortable and I hope these recommendations help.  Remember, you are fearless, you are beautiful, and you are a woman!! Be proud of who you are.




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