Celebrating a milestone with a Boudoir Session

Celebrating a Milestone with a Boudoir Session:

Every year the same question is asked….”What do you want for your birthday?”.  Being the givers that most women are, we usually reply with, “I don’t need anything”, or “something small”.    We all know we deserve something bigger but don’t want to sound selfish or have our significant other spend too much money on us so we gladly accept the box of chocolates, hand written card, or gift card to our favorite coffee shop.  But what if this year it was different?  Celebrating yourself with a day full of pampering and feeling invigorated.  How about celebrating a milestone with a Boudoir Session?

Okay, hear me out on this one.   You might be thinking, before I celebrate a milestone with a Boudoir session, I need to lose weight first or that’s too much money to spend on myself, but those are excuses to not book a Boudoir session, not reasons.  Those words are spoken by everyone out there, but what makes you think you aren’t deserving of one?  The whole reason of Boudoir photography is to learn to love the skin you’re in.  On a daily basis, we pick ourselves apart. We avoid mirrors, buy the baggy shirts that cover our “rolls”, fear being touched, and constantly compare ourselves to others.  We are our own worst critics and it’s terrible!  The self negativity we feed ourselves is doing more damage to our self esteem and confidence that you can even imagine.   We need to do something for ourselves that will make us feel amazing and beautiful and worthy.  This is why you should celebrate you with a Boudoir Session.  The right Boudoir experience will have you leaving feeling empowered, sexy, and will have you seeing yourself in a different light.  The way you look at yourself in the mirror will change.  The way you carry yourself will change.  Finding the right Boudoir photographer is so important in your self love journey, so make sure you do your research beforehand so you can make it the best experience possible.

Celebrating a milestone with a Boudoir session doesn’t just have to be for your birthday. It can be for literally ANY reason.   If a boudoir photography session is truly what you want to do and you have had on your bucket list for some time now, then any reason will do!  Here are some of the most popular milestones celebrated and can be justified for a Boudoir session as well:


Celebrating a milestone with a Boudoir session may be for your own birthday, or it may be your significant other’s birthday.  Or it may be a family members or friends birthday.  We all know that a Boudoir session would be the ultimate gift to yourself for your own birthday, but why not surprise your better half’s special day with an album of yourself?  Not one person would ever turn down an album with the most beautiful images of their true love.   In a way, it’s like handing yourself over to them and who knows, it may lead to an extra special birthday gift…LOL.  But in all seriousness, this would be the best gift to give your partner because they would least expect it.  It’s an intimate, special gift that keeps on giving.

As for friends or family members, we all know that one person who looks down at themselves and doesn’t see the real raw natural beauty that they possess.  This is where a Boudoir session would be amazing for them. You know they would never spend the money on themselves, so why not get a bunch of encouraging family or friends together and all pay a piece towards the session for them?  This would be such a great surprise and after they have a session and feel amazing, it becomes priceless.  Not only with the experience, but knowing that her friends and family have her back and want the best for her.

celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session

With birthday presents, you’ll need something for them to unwrap.  Why not make it you?


What better way to celebrate an anniversary milestone than with a Boudoir session?  This could be as a gift for your significant other, or heck, book a couple’s session to add some extra spice!   Look up local boudoir photographer’s that will photograph couples and make sure you both are willing because both parties need to be comfortable in front of the camera.  With my Boudoir business and photographing couples, I need to speak to both people involved to get their verbal consent over the phone before anything is booked.  But when both individuals are on the same page and want to book a Boudoir session together, magic happens!  It re-ignites a spark and does something to their relationship on a new level.  A couples Boudoir session is something that is out of most people’s comfort zones and to have those images to look at again and again just keeps re-igniting that connection between the two.

Even if you are doing a single Boudoir shoot for your partner for their anniversary, it’s fun to incorporate different things into the session that are special between the two of you.  His favorite hat, his button up shirt, or those heels of yours that he likes, adds an extra wow factor to the photos because he loves them already and then seeing them on you makes it that much better!

There are several ways to celebrate an Anniversary but this one is the icing on the cake!  After you hand your partner their very own special Boudoir album, try these romantic Anniversary celebration ideas for at home to add some more intimate moments together.


celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session Ice cubes boudoir

Make a fun game out of it to celebrate your Anniversary.  And what better way to use ice cubes from your freezer 😉

Leaving a Toxic Relationship:

This is the opposite of what you’d think is worth commemorating, but celebrating a milestone with a Boudoir session for leaving a toxic relationship means a lot more.  There’s a deeper, underlying reason to do a Boudoir session like this because these are the most empowering sessions you’ll ever have.  This is a new beginning, a fresh start, and one worth celebrating. For too long, you haven’t been able to be your true self because of unwanted feelings from your previous bad relationship.   A boudoir session is especially needed in a case like this because it helps you find your inner self again.  It helps you find your self-worth, your personality, and digs down to the root to show you how far you’ve come and how strong and amazing you are.   The good thing about Boudoir sessions is that you receive an album that you can look at over and over again and anytime you feel down or lost, you can turn to them again to give you that boost that you need.

celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session

Sometimes we need that photo to look at and remind ourselves, “I am fierce and can overcome any obstacle thrown at me”

Celebrating a success story:

There are so many reasons to celebrate a milestone with a boudoir session when it pertains to a success story.   Maybe you were just promoted at your job and received an increase in pay.  That’s worth celebrating because you have worked hard to get to where you are.   Something that you would never see spending a large amount of money on, now is justifiable because you deserve it!

Celebrating a weight loss journey is HUGE!  The amount of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication should be rewarded in the most powerful way and scheduling a Boudoir session to document each part of your body that you have worked so hard on is worth every penny.   It’s a way to capture all of the sweat and tears that went into your success and what better way to celebrate your hard work than showing off your trophy- your body!

The same goes for weight-loss surgery.  This also takes dedication because you now have a life long journey that you must be on to remain successful.  It is a daily reminder of how far you’ve come.  It is a daily reminder to never give up.  Celebrating a milestone with a Boudoir session such as a success story like this one helps you on your self love, body acceptance journey. Sometimes with rapid weight loss, comes extra skin.  And that’s ok! It is a reminder of what you’ve gone through to get you here today.  It is a healthier you on the path to success!

celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session

The woman in this image has been on a weight-loss journey for a year and she looked amazing!  Upon seeing her final images, tears were shed.  It’s truly powerful.

Confidence boost:

Girrrrrlll, I hear you!  No matter what life throws at you, sometimes you just need that confidence boost to help give you that dose of serotonin to keep you going.   Boudoir sessions are addicting.  Who doesn’t want to get their makeup done, dress up in sexy lingerie that we know we’d never buy and hear that we are beautiful over and over again?   It’s like re-living your wedding day all over again but this time it’s even more all about you.  Someone pampering you, catering to your needs, giving you the ultimate hype experience having you leave feel like you can conquer everything.   And then when you see your images for the first time, it’s so emotionally empowering.  Is that really me? I look amazing!  There are so many reasons to celebrate ourselves every day but it all starts with looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that YOU are worth it!

Sometimes it’s easy for us to get caught up in the crazy work/life balance of being a mother, a wife, a worker, etc and we tend to let ourselves be on the back burner a bit.  Everyone should feel special and loved and beautiful and celebrating yourself for whatever reason should be a thing!  You deserve it!

celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session

Celebrating a pregnancy:

Finding out that you’re pregnant is can be exciting, overwhelming, and scary at the same time. For first time mom’s, we don’t know what to expect.  So as our bodies are growing little tiny human’s inside us, we tend to forget that this is the only chance we will get to feel their little kicks, and see how amazing our bodies are.    It’s important to document your pregnancy.  You may not think it’s important now, but looking back you’ll wish that you did, swollen ankles and all!   Embrace motherhood and how beautiful the body can be while carrying.  With most, we tend to think with celebrating a milestone like this, we contact our local photographer for a session outdoors wearing those long gorgeous gowns and posing with our hands on our bellies.   I agree, they are stunning but……if you really wanted to take it all in, you need to be a little more open. The way your expanding belly is beautiful, your skin is glowing, and hey even an added bonus of your breasts being larger, why not celebrate a milestone like this one with a Maternity Boudoir session.  These types of sessions are more intimate, revealing, and showing us what our bodies are truly capable of.   They can also incorporate your significant other in them as well such as holding your body and kissing that beautiful baby bump.  Maternity Boudoir sessions are so easily forgotten about.  I’m hoping to get the word out a bit more on how important these types of milestones are and we need to document every second before it’s over.   You won’t regret that you had it done, you’ll regret that you didn’t and by then it’ll be too late.  So when thinking about photographs when your pregnant, consider a Boudoir Maternity session.


celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session


If you have any ideas or ways that you’d like to incorporate a Boudoir session into your life, feel free to contact me.  Celebrating a milestone with a boudoir session like this differs from every person and the entire experience is vibed to the main reason for booking.  I will be your ultimate hype girl and hope you get to see yourself how others see you every day.



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