How to prepare for a Boudoir Session

How to prepare for a Boudoir Session

With so many different options out there with different styles and types of Boudoir Photography, the one question always asked after booking a session, is, “How to prepare for a Boudoir Session?”  You have already discussed the details with your Boudoir photographer on what to expect during the day with them, what products are available, pricing, what’s included, but how you actually prepare for a Boudoir session is very important information you need to know.

Of course we tell you that you need zero experience with posing.  That’s right! Because that’s what we are here for.  It is part of the photographer’s job to help assist you along the way with all types of flattering poses and angles and you trust their expertise that they will pose you in the best ways possible to show off your beautiful features.  But there are even more ways to prepare yourself and how you can help your photographer make it even more possible to do that for you just by these simple steps:


This is the number one thing that you must do before your Boudoir session in order to prepare for it successfully.  With all of the previous images you have seen of your Boudoir photographer’s work, you will notice that arching your back and bending your body in different ways really extenuates certain parts of the body to give it that extra sexy flare.  Be aware, you will be hurting after your session if you do not stretch beforehand.  This does not mean stretch the day of. Your body needs to be stretched at least one week prior to your booked session at least once a day.  There are easy exercises you can do at home to help prepare you for a Boudoir Session.  Please remember that certain individuals have restrictions with movement either from spinal surgery, injuries, or age.  So proceed with caution when stretching and don’t over-do it.  Click here for a few simple exercises that can help your back arch easier for your session.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible.  It keeps them strong and healthy to help minimize any injury. Without stretched muscles, they can become shortened and very tight which is uncomfortable and when needed for certain activities, they can become weak and unable to extend fully.  This puts you at risk for joint pain, strain, and muscle damage.  So I can not stress enough the importance of stretching even if you weren’t preparing for a Boudoir session.  Here are a few poses in which arching your back makes a huge difference in Boudoir photography:

how to prepare for a boudoir session how to prepare for a boudoir sessionhow to prepare for a boudoir sessionhow to prepare for a boudoir sessionhow to prepare for a boudoir sessionhow to prepare for a boudoir session


Drink plenty of water.

With anything, it’s important to stay hydrated.  This goes with how to prepare for a Boudoir session as well.  Remaining hydrated not only makes you feel better, but it also makes your skin look better, you have less fatigue, you are more flexible, and with all of the stretches during your Boudoir session, you will have quite the work out.  You can bring a water with you to your session and most photographer’s supply them for you as well.

In preparation, it is important to drink plenty of fluids leading up to the session date.  That does not include your liquid courage LOL.  While some boudoir photographers include a beverage choice to take the edge off, it is not advised to have any alcohol with the days leading up to your session. At least a week prior, you should be drinking as much water as you can.  This will improve your skins elasticity and give you that extra beautiful glow in your images.



Well that’s a given when it comes to how to prepare for a Boudoir session. But there’s a method to shaving as well.  Shaving the day of, is not recommended as it can leave little red bumps but I can understand why most would want to.  It’s the fresh feeling you have by showering and shaving the day of an intimate session like this one.  Most boudoir photographers can smooth skin and decrease bumps in the post editing process but this is an important conversation to have with your photographer. Some don’t make any changes to a persons skin so you need to make sure you discuss this beforehand.

Waxing is a great idea if you can find time to have that performed within a few days of your session.  There is no right or wrong way to shave or minimize hair when it comes to how to prepare for a Boudoir session so it’s completely up to you and your personal preference.   With waxing, it can last a bit longer with seeing returning hair growth than shaving.  You don’t need to go all out with everything on your body but the most popular is shaving legs, armpits, and bikini line.

how to prepare for a boudoir session

It all depends on your comfort level as well. Some women want up close images of certain areas, while others are a bit more modest.  Again, it’s all based off of your comfort zone.

After everything is all shaved, another great tip that goes along with both shaving and hydration, is applying a good lotion to your skin.  Apply the lotion all over your body to give it that younger, smoother, glowing appearance.  I feel like that little extra step, helps add to the wow factor in photos.

For a list of locations near Knoxville that offer waxing services, click here.


Eat a nutritious breakfast.

I cannot stress this enough.  No one can function at full capacity on an empty stomach.  Even if you don’t normally eat breakfast in the morning, this is one of the exceptions.   You will be spending around 4 hours all together at your session discussing ideas, getting your makeup professionally applied, picking out outfits, time for breaks and outfit changes, the Boudoir session itself, etc.  It’s easy to work up an appetite when you are working your body so much during your session as well.  With all of the positions and moving, it’s easy to break a sweat.  It’s entirely up to you with what you choose to eat but with how to prepare for a Boudoir session and finding the right filling foods can be stressful.  This is why I always suggest a lighter meal but one packed with more fiber and nutrients that will keep you fuller longer.  Great options for breakfast ideas are:

-Protein shake

Chia seeds and Flax seeds are a great addition to your breakfast.  Believe it or not, they can help you feel fuller longer.  They can be added easily to any of those options listed above. And you are always more than welcome to bring a snack to munch on during your session and take as many breaks as you need to stay comfortable.

Remember….there’s always room for dessert! 😉

how to prepare for a boudoir session



Preparing yourself mentally.

The main reason you’ve booked a Boudoir session is to love yourself, see yourself, and learn to accept your body, right?  Question for you is, how to prepare for a Boudoir session if you haven’t shifted your mindset yet?  The mind is a powerful tool.  And we need to use it to the best of it’s ability.  I will honestly tell you, if you come to your Boudoir session with negativity in your mind, you will see your images in a negative way as well.  It has nothing to do with how the photos were taken, you have just created a negative feeling towards yourself that is hard to rid of.  Many women are in the same boat.  When you’re constantly told that you should look a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain size, over time it can mentally and emotionally drain you.

This is why I give you some homework before your Boudoir session.  You need to perform some self love talk to yourself before you even come to my studio.  You may feel silly, but the more you do it, you will start to feel a shift in your mindset.  You can do this in the privacy of your home, lock yourself in your room, or bathroom, whatever it may be wherever there is a mirror.  Yes, mirrors are our worst enemies, but we’ve made them to be that way.    Repeat this to yourself: “Mirrors used to be my enemy, but now they are just a piece of glass. What I see, is up to me.”   Say something positive about yourself.  Look and find your best features. Your eyes? Your smile? Your boobs, butt, or amazing hair?  Ask your partner what their favorite part about you is.   And this not only pertains to your Boudoir session, but your everyday life at home too.  The  connection between your partner, the romance you once had.  If you never show your body and constantly hide yourself, it’s going to give the vibe of “don’t touch me.”.  Then you can’t get mad when your partner doesn’t….

This is why I do what I do. I am here to show you how beautiful you are. To embrace the body you have and to see the beauty in your best features AND your flaws.  I’m here to have you see yourself through a different lens. To see yourself through the eyes of others.  We are our own worst enemy.  So please, look at yourself back in that mirror and tell yourself, “I am worth it.”    And as an added bonus, each time you do, remove a piece of clothing.  When you start loving your body for all that it is, your view on life will change. Your relationships will change. Your take on the world changes.   Only you can get to that level in your life.  Booking a Boudoir session is the first step.  And I’m proud of you for it!


how to prepare for a boudoir session


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.  Once booked, I will send you a Boudoir Prep Guide will extra information on how to prepare for a Boudoir Session.   I’ve got your covered!




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