Boudoir Sessions Are For Every BODY

Boudoir sessions are for every BODY

You read that correctly, Boudoir sessions are for every body.  That includes every body type, shape, color, you name it!   What is Boudoir Photography you ask?  It is a photography session which accentuates the beauty of a woman’s body and leaves her feeling empowered and sexy.  Sounds pretty amazing right? It is!! I truly believe that every woman should have at least ONE Boudoir photography session in their lifetime. Boudoir sessions do not discriminate. They are also for women of any age.  Who says you can’t feel sexy at 50, 60, or even 70!  Age is just a number.  So is weight.  Our bodies are all built so differently and that’s what makes us so unique. Not one woman has the exact same body as another. We carry weight differently in separate parts of our bodies, we all have different stress levels in life, we all have different types of jobs where we aren’t as active and seriously, life happens! It’s when we start to see ourselves in a different light and start to embrace the body that we have, it becomes an unexplainable feeling.  The amount of confidence that stems from Boudoir sessions is priceless.  It not only leaves you feeling amazing after your session, but for years to come as you look back on your keepsake album and look at your images over and over. I must warn you, feeling like that becomes addicting and you may want to schedule another session in the future.  I mean, who doesn’t love being pampered for a day and be told they are beautiful over and over?

boudoir sessions are for every body

Finding the right Boudoir photographer is extremely important when booking your Boudoir session. Finding the right one can take your Boudoir experience to a whole new level. Trust in them to pose you in the most flattering ways and accentuate parts of you that you already love about yourself. Boudoir sessions are for every body and with the right guidance from your photographer, you can leave feeling like a Queen. I promise you, it’s an experience like no other.   Also, trust in their expertise on lingerie styles because there are different Lingerie For Your Body Type as well.  Each body is built differently and have a certain shape to them.  Most bodies are referred to as hourglass, pear, apple, rectangular, or circular.  With that in mind and women holding their weight in different areas on their bodies, it helps give an idea as to which lingerie style would best suit them.  Some women love to embrace their curves, while others try to minimize it. With the right lighting, posing, and lingerie, you will feel like a super model, but much prettier!

boudoir sessions are for every body

Look at this women right here! She booked her Boudoir session for her 50th and couldn’t look sexier!  That red looks stunning with her blonde hair and between the combination of taking the photo from a higher angle, elongating those legs, and positioning her hands and face, she looks gorgeous! I loved her tattoos as well. This girl was on fire!

boudoir sessions are for every body

This woman was also 50!  If I remember correctly, I believe she has about 5 kids.  She is one stunning Mama and I remember how she couldn’t wait to gift the album to her husband for their Anniversary. He absolutely loved it and it really changes a person when they see themselves in a different light. Boudoir sessions are for every body because no matter what stage of life you are in, it’s this very moment that you need to embrace everything that you have.  You don’t want to look back years from now wishing you had the Boudoir session you’ve always wanted. This is why the time is NOW to book a Boudoir session.   Whether you are celebrating a milestone or just want it just because, you are worth it and whatever the reason is,  you deserve to feel beautiful.

When I say that Boudoir sessions are for every BODY, I also am referring to pregnant bodies as well.  Pregnant women have that natural glow to them and the way their bodies form the curve of that sweet baby bump, moments like this won’t last forever so it’s important to embrace Motherhood now while you are developing that bond with your growing baby.  Women’s bodies are capable of amazing things and this is one of them.  Pamper yourself with a Maternity Boudoir session and see how beautiful your growing body can be. For some, it’s hard being pregnant, but once you shift your mindset to think, “Wow, I am creating another human life”, your perspective changes with not only your body, but the way you feel.

boudoir sessions are for every body

Do you ever look around you and take in your surroundings with people?  We all love to people watch but I’m talking about your close friends and family.  They are all beautiful to you right? Everything about them is what makes them “them”.  Now look at your husband or wife.  You love them the way they are now, right? “Dad bod” and all because you love them and see them as the most wonderful husband or father figure to your children and it makes your heart melt.  Now reverse that, did you know everyone looks at you with the same loving eyes?  They love you for who you are. Every part of you.  We are our own worst critics and we put up a blockade with seeing the beauty we have in our bodies.  The world would be a much better place if we saw ourselves differently and looked back at the girl in the mirror (our reflection) and said, “Damn, I look good”.   Society and their standards have gotten so extreme it’s not even funny.  And I’ll tell you what, people that are hating on other people and putting them down for looking how they do, are hiding behind their own insecurities.  The moment you realize that other opinions don’t matter and you are in control of your own body, the world will change. So go ahead, book that Boudoir session you’ve always wanted. Boudoir sessions are for every BODY, including yours. So stop making excuses that prevent you from seeing the beautiful person that you are.  You are loved, you are worth it, and you are deserving of confidence and self-love.

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