Finding the right Boudoir photographer

Finding the Right Boudoir Photographer

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Finding the right Boudoir Photographer is important when it comes to finding someone you trust.  When it comes to any photo session be it family sessions, maternity, children, etc, you rely on your photographer you hire to know what they are doing. You hope to trust your photographer in knowing ways to pose you and make it the best session possible from their expertise.

The same goes for boudoir photography, except that this isn’t just your typical family photo.  This session can either be truly empowering and have everlasting effects of confidence and self worth, or it can completely tear you down and make you feel worse.
Finding the right Boudoir photographer is very important.  We know that the main reason you booked a boudoir session is because you want to learn to accept your body and love it again.  Knowing flattering angles, lighting techniques, posing, and comfortability play a huge role in a boudoir session.  Clients are put in very vulnerable positions and aren’t fully clothed so it’s extremely important to make them feel comfortable throughout and make sure they take breaks if needed.

For most, this is a first time having a session like this. They are nervous and scared and don’t know what to expect. It is the job of the photographer to have them leave feeling amazing and reassured.  They need the ultimate hype person. The one who will make them feel like a rock star.  And you want to keep it exciting for when they return to see their images because that’s where the confidence truly begins.

Do your research, see their work, and schedule a pre-consultation phone call which is completely free. This is where you will either feel like it’s a great fit, or it’s not.  No strings attached!  If you are going to invest an amount of money towards a session like this, finding the right boudoir photographer will form a trusting connection with you and you will feel safe with them.

Ask what’s included in the boudoir session. How long does the session go for? Are there any additional perks that set them apart from the rest? Have you looked up their work? Have you read people’s reviews regarding their business? These all are very important things to consider.  When finding the right Boudoir photographer, you will be better able to form a definitive answer with if you’d like to go with them or not.  Find local Facebook groups and ask others about their Boudoir experience or who they recommend.  All of these are good to take into consideration.

boudoir tips

Here are the top 10  things to ask when finding the right boudoir photographer.

Are you local?

To many, this is an important question.  Most people like to stay local (within about an hours drive).  But this is where your research comes into play.  You can google local boudoir photographers in your area and you may get 50 or you may get 2 depending on how big of a city you live in.  If you fall in love with someone’s work, that’s great! But if you’re still looking for that certain style, you may need to venture out further.   Instagram and TikTok have been amazing social media platforms in helping people to find the right Boudoir Photographer for them.  You can get to know the photographer personally and see them in action. This helps with the fear of the unknown in what happens during a boudoir session.   If you find one that fits your style and needs, book her! You won’t regret it!

What will I wear? Do I need to bring anything?

This is a common question.  Most professional boudoir photographers such as myself have a large client closet with multiple varieties of lingerie styles to choose from.  This helps ease the worry of what to wear. But I always recommend also purchasing some of your own and bringing those because you know they fit well and you feel comfortable in them. Each company is different and not one size fits all, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.  If you’re interested in finding the right lingerie for your body type, click here.

When will my images be complete and when should I expect them to be delivered? And Who will see my boudoir images?

This depends on which package or collection you choose, but I will have your images ready for viewing within 1-2 weeks.  Some collections include both albums/prints and digital file collection so you may receive your digital files before your products arrive.  But it will keep you even more excited to see them printed because I’m not gonna lie…seeing your beautiful images in print is seriously jaw dropping!  My albums come relatively quickly, but this is why finding the right boudoir photographer is important because some use different printing labs that can take up to a month to receive and if you needed the album by a certain date, you should make sure you book well in advance to allow time for that.  Finding a Boudoir photographer that has a 100% confidentiality policy will leave you feeling better after the session.  For most, it is so important to keep your images private.  Your images should not be shown publicly unless you give permission to do so.  Please ask this to your Boudoir photographer before booking. Even though the images technically are owned by the photographer, it is important to be able to have the freedom if you’d like your images shared or not.

 How many hours can I expect to be with my Boudoir photographer?

This also depends on the boudoir photographer you decide to work with because each has a different flow and may take longer than others. My thing is, if you took the time off of work, had professional makeup applied, bought your lingerie, and have been super excited for your shoot, it will be no less than 2 hours long. Mine usually take around 2 hours give or take with the amount of outfit changes and it takes time to ease into your comfort zone.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We all know that sometimes things can happen that are out of our control.  This is another reason why finding the right boudoir photographer is important because I know for a fact, each photographer has a different policy on canceling or rescheduling.  With most sessions, a non-refundable session fee is required up front to secure your date with the boudoir photographer as well as the makeup artist, and to be a part of the additional perks that are included with your session. It is important to discuss these details during your pre-consultation phone call and to read your contract before anything further.  For me, I understand things come up or unexpected events.  As long as I know within 7 days notice, I can reschedule your session date once and you will not have to pay the session fee again. If it is last minute and you need to cancel, you will need to pay the session fee again as I have already prepped the studio for you, lost a day that I could have filled, and have already paid the makeup artist and her time slot is now taken as well.  I just ask out of consideration, to please let your photographer know as far in advance if you can if you need to reschedule.

Can I send inspirational photos to my Boudoir Photographer ahead of time?

Some Boudoir photographers are very strict with their flow posing and do not like to recreate any other images.  I can completely understand that. Buuttttt…….if you are on Pinterest getting hyped up for your session and come across an image that you really want to try, you bet your buns let’s give it a go!  I do like to clarify, that no person can completely duplicate the look of that image via lighting/backdrops/posing, etc but I will try by best to work that image around you.  So to me, I have no problem with you coming with Pinterest or Google inspo.  It benefits us both. For you, it gives you an image that you want and you see yourself in all of the beauty just like the photo which adds increased confidence, and for me, it changes things up!  I have my flow posing and it looks great with everyone, but sometimes I want a little challenge thrown my way and I love to go outside of my comfort zone to create new art.

Who will be present during my Boudoir Session?

Another great question with finding the right Boudoir photographer!   Some women are more comfortable with a male, and some are more comfortable with a female. It’s completely individual preference but that is a big thing to consider when booking your boudoir photographer.  Even some photographers are a wife/husband duo.  It is their job to remain professional throughout but it definitely is all about your comfort level.  You have every right to know who will be present during your photoshoot. This is not your typical family photo shoot where you are dressed from head to toe, you are putting yourself in some vulnerable positions, unclothed and should be as comfortable as possible.  Some boudoir photographers have assistants so that’s an important question to ask as well.  As for inviting your friend or family member to the shoot, I advice highly against it.  Even though you think you’d feel more comfortable having someone there that you know to help cheer you on, it’s actually a distraction for you.  It’s hard to pose and give real natural expression when you have someone who is watching you that you know personallly.  I’m just speaking from experience. Now….the reveal session is a different story. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to see your images for the first time, BUT  IT NEEDS TO BE SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPORTIVE OF YOU.  I can’t clarify that enough. You  need to bring someone that will hype you up just as much as I do and will not ruin the experience for you.

How many outfit changes will I get?

How many outfits did you bring?  Normally, a typical session has about 3 or 4 outfit changes. I have a private bathroom for you to change in.  Sometimes women bring a suitcase full of lingerie and want it all but unfortunately, it’s not possible in our time slot to have them all so this is why we will go through them together and see which ones work best and will look the most amazing on you!

Do I need to know how to pose?

Absolutely not. You need ZERO experience with posing. That’s what I’m here for!  Finding the right Boudoir Photographer that will lead you every step of the way is so important!  From facial expressions to pointing your toes, it is essential to trust your Boudoir Photographer in posing you in the most flattering way possible.  What I do recommend though, is make sure you stretch the days leading up to the session, because I promise you, you will be getting the work out of your life with all of these back arches and balancing on your head.  Not to that extreme, but you get my point.  The more flexible you are, you’ll be able to bend a bit more at your session.  You’ll hear me say, the more awkward it feels, the better it looks!  Here is my Boudoir by NinaRose Prep Guide to help you better prepare for your session with lots of tips and tricks!

What if I’m not confident enough to book a session?

Girrrllll, the confidence comes AFTER your session! You will feel nervous making the phone call to book the session, the days leading up to the session, the morning of, and halfway throughout the session. Completely normal!  It is the experience of it all that helps you gain the confidence. I show you the back of my camera while we are shooting to show you how amazing you look.  I am your ultimate hype girl! You will leave feeling like a million bucks.  Then comes the best part. The photo reveal session. Eeeekkkk! I always get so excited for this part. Because now that the nerve-wracking session is over, you can now relax and look through your amazing images and we can gawk together at how beautiful you are.  Finding the right Boudoir Photographer can make this experience more than sexy photos.  The right Boudoir photographer can turn this into an empowering, confidence boosting, hyped up session you’ve ever had!  And I love hearing everyone stories.  Everyone has a different story as to why they book a Boudoir session and I just love learning about people and helping them find their self-worth again.  We need to learn to love our bodies and it starts with a Boudoir session.

This is why here in my studio, I will send out a questionnaire beforehand to better get to know you and learn your comfort level.  I usually know during a pre-consultation phone call if we are a match or not.  And it is extremely important to be fully transparent with clients.  Give them pricing up front. No hidden fees or added pricing. Make sure the client knows exactly what they are getting into and what to expect.  You will know by the end of the phone call if you are a good fit for each other or not.  And this is why having the freedom to find your own Boudoir photographer is a challenge in itself. But once you feel it in your bones, you won’t have to search anymore because you’ve found the right one!

With so many options nowadays to choose from for different genres of photography, it is easier to find a photographer that fits your needs. With the help of the internet and word of mouth, it is easier to narrow down the perfect fit.  My word of advice is to get to know them a little bit more. Join their private Facebook groups if they have them. See them in LIVE videos, and watch behind the scenes from their social media accounts. This will help you see them in action and how they interact with clients. It will also help you to see what you can expect.

Feel free to join my private women’s Facebook group.  Boudoir by NinaRose VIP Facebook group

You may be wondering why the Facebook group is for females only.  It is to create a safe space for women to show their beautiful images without it being looked at in a sexual way. Women empower women and what better way to hype someone up is to have other women tell you how amazing you are.  Also, this is a better way to have a  group to share images without getting in trouble by the Facebook police for sharing them publicly LOL.  It’s a place where we can talk about ambitions, goals, success stories, experiences, and motivate each other to be our best selves.   I welcome you into the group with open arms and even if you aren’t ready for a Boudoir session at the moment, maybe the other women will give you the courage to book one in the near future. 🙂

You are beautiful no matter what shape, size, color, or sexual orientation.  I am here to help you see the beauty in yourself that others see in you every day.  Finding the right boudoir photographer can truly give you the added confidence you need and to show you how amazing you are, inside and out!

Contact me today to book the session of your dreams. You are worth it, you are loved!




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